Monday, September 10, 2007

What I've been reading

The Back cover:

The Best-Laid Plans

Jenna McCue wants a baby and she wants Spencer Smith to be the father...or rather the donor. Jenna assures the renowned adventurer and avowed bachelor she needs nothing from him - just his sperm. Spencer agrees, but on one condition: he "donates" the old-fashioned way.

When Jenna doesn't conceive as planned, she and Spencer must try -
and try- again. And by the time Jenna is expecting, she's fallen hopelessly in love. But telling Spencer she's pregnant will mean never seeing him again. That's part of the deal. Or is it?


Conrad Zaar said...

I think this book just might embody the very essence of "Chick Lit." Am I right?

Aishwarya said...

I'm not sure that's fair - I've read some very funny, well written, entertaining chick lit in the past.

I suspect that if this embodies the essence of anything, that something is Rubbish.

schizo said...

chik lit by definition is hilarious, as i am sure this book must have been, the blurb had me roaring.

i never did understand why its called chic lit

deep seated male chavunism in the publishing world?

bluebutterfly said...

chick lit .....well there have been various books which i am pretty damn sure are not "chick lit "
take sophia kinsellas domestic goddess definitely nto chick lit

Anonymous said...

"make me a baby!"
i want to borrow. along with latest pratchett.