Sunday, November 27, 2005

Goblet of Fire

It seems...disjointed. Like they'd picked all the important scenes and just filmed them, with no kind of transition between them. But the individual scenes are done brilliantly.

I'm not much of a purist about Harry Potter, so I don't particularly mind the omissions. Dobby and Winky are annoying anyway, and while the Quidditch world cup is infinitely cool it's hard to see that it added much to the story. But it really is a pity so much of the Crouch background had to be cut.

The dark mark at the world cup - brilliant. This could easily have been mishandled and made comical, but it turned out as creepy as necessary. The maze, despite the loss of the fun creatures, was really well done. Snape was the background and not speaking. I think they're building him up for the massive role he plays in the later movies. The yule ball was decent, I liked the Wyrd Sisters, naturally. The graveyard scene, though, that was stunning. Fiennes is brilliant, the setting is chilling, and Cedric's death wasn't dwelt on unnecessarily.(Until they got back, and that scene was one of the most painful to watch.)

Casting has been surprisingly good. I continue to be stunned by the brilliance of Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman. Not really, no. From time to time his Dumbledore seems to slip into an american accent, which is quite baffling. (Speaking of accents, Cho's was so thick that the family next to me kept asking each other what she was saying.)I like Grint - not so much Radcliffe. Emma Watson is going to be stunning when she grows up. Certainly the prettiest girl in the movie - Fleur, Cho and Ginny are all tolerable but nothing special. Both Crouches are perfect. Cedric's a bit too much of a prettyboy, but Krum...Krum is big and military and muscley and thuggish and *drools* I like Krum.

There are no genuinely cringeworthy moments, quite a feat, really. I am suitably impressed. I'd rank it just slightly below Azkaban, which I loved. Good movie.

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heyjune said...

disjointed, yeah, i kept thinking it must have been impossible for non-bookfen to follow because i had the sense the director was going 'hmm we'll leave this bit out - you know which one - and go straight to - you know what!'

i think i'd like to see maze!fic now. taking out the acromantulas and suchlike worked because there was something incredibly claustrophobic and almost... sentient about that maze.

you like Krum? *strange sound* oh well, each to our ownsie.

i rather liked the photography, myself. Cuaronesque but less 'exotic'.