Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Totally sick Renaissance tragedians! England hath need of thee at this hour.

At least, Aishwarya and I think so.

(18:03:27) aishwarya: I'm thinking. The image of stagnation and rot in hamlet and the duchess of malfi..
aishwarya: are they an element common in revenge plays, or is this a coincidence?
(18:04:23) supriya: i dunno, dude
supriya: what image, exactly? is it a single metaphor or like part of the framework?
supriya: all i can remember about revenge tragedies is BLOOD
(18:04:52) aishwarya: they're there throughout.
(18:05:22) aishwarya: I mean, malfi the court is supposed to be stagnant and scary and scare me!
(18:05:29) supriya: yeah, i know. :D
(18:05:44) aishwarya: and "something is rotten in the state of denmark"
supriya: yeah. but that's how tragedy generally starts out, right? i mean, you take a bad situation for a good man (or woman) and then watch him wallow
(18:06:27) aishwarya: true, true
aishwarya: I haven't read hamlet in years
(18:06:35) aishwarya: I need to.
(18:06:39) supriya: i haven't read hamlet at all
supriya: i really should.
aishwarya: *nods*
(18:06:59) aishwarya: tis the best
supriya: macbeth: NO. I AM BEST.
aishwarya: =-O
(18:08:23) supriya: macbeth: … please? let me be best? or my wife'll make me kill hamlet. and i won't like that.
aishwarya: LOL
(18:09:07) supriya: othello: i'll kill him anyway. i'm JELUSZZZZZZ.
(18:09:34) supriya: king lear: yes, yes, alright. but does he love me best? more than aaaaany other daddy in the world?
(18:09:40) supriya: lear: *licks lips *
(18:10:05) aishwarya: elizabethan audience:wtf?
supriya: lear: come on. come to daddy.
(18:10:54) aishwarya: webster:oi! I'm the one that writes incest!
(18:11:27) supriya: will shakespeare: suck it up, johnny, i was doing this when you were eating rats in the green room of the rose.
supriya: will shakespeare: * goes back to reading tom stoppard to plagiarise for his next masterpiece*


Jabberwock said...

OH GOD, you kids!!! Did you ever do normal everyday things like play with Lego sets (which is what I was doing at your age)? And Aishwarya, please tell me "I haven't read Hamlet in years" is an empty boast. How old were you when you FIRST read it?

P.S. Titus Andronicus is the best. Lots of blood, and even princelings nicely baked in a meatpie at the end.

heyjune said...

shakespeare crack is the king of crack.

Jabberwock: Titticus is one of my favourite comfort reads, ranks right up there with any graphic telling of the Curse on the House of Atreus etcetera.

roswitha said...

June, are you talking about Aeschylus or, like, Frank Herbert?

And dear Jabberwock, no childhood is complete without princelings in a pie, tis truth.

Anonymous said...

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