Thursday, October 13, 2005

kablooie for a cold

It’s mildly surprising to me even after twenty-one odd years of unexpected events that chemistry can be so dastardly. Take two perfectly nasty burny things like hydrogen and oxygen and what do you get? Water. I am reminded of this valuable life lesson upon having concocted a drink of hot water, lemon and honey to nurse a cold so evil that it even being called a violator of its own female relatives cannot encompass its villainy. On their own, lemon and honey are perfectly nice things. In a mix, they taste like the last breath.

Hyderabad was bombed last night. Most of us immigrants to the city are too poor or too lazy to own a TV, and none of the familiar newspapers are in print today thanks to yesterday’s public holiday. This added to the scare caused by yesterday’s Deccan Chronicle, (a paper that keeps delivering itself to my doorstep even though we’re paying for The Hindu, honest!) which carried a front-page article about possible bomb hazards to Americans in the city, which affected me and the flatmates in a rather direct fashion, since some of the Americans in the city happen to employ us.

One of the flatmates who arrived back from dinner a little late noticed that all the <i>haleem</i> shops were shut by ten p.m., something unheard of around our area. Hyderabad generally seems to go to bed early but Ramzan, until yesterday, has meant long and busy evenings for the Muslim restaurants we know. From where did this city learn to be so cautious?

current musix: handsome boy modeling school - rock and roll (could never hip-hop like this) part two. BEST SONG EVAR.

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