Sunday, October 09, 2005

Going Postal

(The Thud! review will happen after I receive it from the boy. It will take a while.Growl.)
So while the entire Discworld fandom is talking about Thud!, I finally find Going Postal in paperback, and squee over that instead.

Firstly, I tend not to be as fond of the stand alone stories. I mean, with the Watch, the witches, (though not so much with the wizards) character has been built up over the books till the point where it has reached incredible levels of complexity. The stand alone books - Small Gods, Pyramids, The Truth, Monstrous Regiment, etc...they are all good books, but you never get *that* close.


The story here is almost a classic movie. Reformed criminal, outwardly frigid, chainsmoking heroine who turns out to be nice, rich and evil villain, honest men in corrupt system.

Moist is ...likeable. Not particularly complex, by Pratchett's standards, but a good character. Cute, too. I think I liked Adora better.Women with nicknames like "Killer"/"Spike" make me very happy.

Anyway - basic story. Moist van Lipwig has been sentenced to death,but is offered an alternative - a job in the Ankh Morpork Post Office. Except the post office is run down, old, full of undelivered mail, and staffed by two people, neither of them very sane. Plus the post office has to compete with the Clacks, and the man in control of the Clacks, Reacher Gilt, is EVIL.

Anyway. Stuff. I love books that talk about the power of words, especially the written word. So I loved the post office. It's interesting MR there were those scenes with the spirit of the Duchess.Here, it's the spirit of the letters. I don't recall him having done something like this before these books.

Also the Clacks fascinate me. I mean, the parallels they have, the idea of a method of increasing efficiency and making information available to 'the masses', and in MR you see how this actually helps swing Public Opinion. And here you have the other side of it - that letters are so much better than Clacks messages (or emails ...see, D? Mr. Pratchett understands...:-P)

Look, it's past 3 am. I'm allowed to write like this after 3 am, right?

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