Friday, July 15, 2005

The new Potter - *squeal!* - and spoilers.

I have only ever owned one of the HP books (A hardback copy of The Goblet of Fire that was rather mistreated) and had decided not to buy any till the whole series was out and I could get a boxed set or something. Then on tuesday I was outside the Corner Bookstore at Eatopia and saw the "Book now, get 20% off" poster. I'm weak.
So I'm on my way to collect my copy of the book - Supriya and I will be doing a sort of interactive review in this post. Feel free to jump in.:)


Two powercuts later, I'm here to interact. And say what? Should this review have spoilers? Does it even matter when, after having read the book, the two things that preyed on everyone's mind these last two weeks - who the half-blood prince is, and who dies - are actually not the two biggest surprises or, indeed, the two most important things about the book?

To keep things general in a cursory verdict, before the details: Harry Potter has expanded. The first few chapters are marvellous proof of the fact. It's not that plot and characterisation develop wholly new aspects so much as what we could sense as subtext, the stories that JKR refrained from telling to complete the picture, are being filled in now. Consequently, growth.

-- Supriya.


It's been two days since I read the book, and I've calmed down.


Perhaps not.

First - I'm having these glorious images of a Tony Blair cameo in the movie version of this book.

Second - Spinners End = Best Chapter Ever. The fox! (Tolkien?) "Cissy"! Snape and Wormtail living together! SnapeSnapeSnapeSnapeSnape!

Anyway. What I liked about this is the amount of background information that has finally been given us. Voldemort's story is the major thing, but there's also little things, like Dumbledore's explanation of how underage magic is controlled in wizarding families (this has been worrying me since book 2).
What bothers me a little is how completely new concepts and characters are introduced - Scrimgeour, horcruxes, etc...when something plays a significant role in a Rowling book (Minister of Magic and the only means of defeating Voldemort - that's about as significant as it gets) they've always been introduced in a relatively innocent role a couple of books earlier.
Anyway, let the predictions for the next book (and squeeing over this one) begin!


I think I'm calm too, except when I think of Snape and Dumbledore and have a little readgasm all over again.

My biggest grouse with this book is how well-adjusted everyone suddenly seems to be after the befuddled, massive, emotional train-wreck of OotP. This is, of course, because Harry’s talked himself into growing up over the holidays. He communicates better, obeys orders and, as if to make up for his pig-headedness throughout book 5, actually reports everything important - and many things not - to Ron, Hermione and/or a teacher. At some point I was almost about to pine for the fucked-up brat that I’d learnt to live with.


Because, dude. New and improved Harry? Throws old whiner Harry way out of the field. You might miss his emotional upheavals and how easily he can be hurt by the world, but it’s very likely you won’t. He’s still vulnerable, but he’s no longer insecure. This is a series that is no longer dithering and stalling and hemming and hawing; it’s going places, and fast. Naturally, it may trip up on those little details like factual consistency and, oh, polite punctuation. But surely one has learnt not to expect those.

Given that, it’s surprising how heavily JKR lays on the new locations and information and points of view in the first quarter of the book. Or not; this is no expansion of plot. It’s subtext becoming text. So you have explanations for the Ministry’s liaison with the Muggle world in the first chapter and then, you have. Slytherins. Lots and lots of yummy, sharp, two-faced, and – hold your breath – three-dimensional Slytherins. Yes, I mean Draco. Everyone expected it, everyone predicted it. And JKR did it, thankfully. Chapter Two was already being touted as The Best Chapter Ever in certain circles on the morning of the 16th, and in terms of how much it gave to the reader, I might be inclined to agree. There was Bella-Narcissa-Severus tenshun, ‘nuff said. Actually: There was Bella-Narcissa-Severus tenshun and also, JKR cannot infodump subtly, ‘nuff said.

More things I didn’t like: Wayyyy too much yayl0veomg! at the end, not so well-constructed. I don’t think writing romance is one of her strong points, and I can understand her choppiness; romance is not really so much of a priority when, you know, everyone’s fighting a war, no matter what Mrs Weasley says, and it’s a delicate balance between exploring relationships and creating 300 extra pages to an already big-ass book.

As for the 'ships themselves: I don’t mind Bill/Fleur and - here I lose all literary credibility but – I actually don’t mind Remus/Tonks, but to pile it on so heavily in the last chapter did not work for me. Ron/Hermione is so much subtext it’s all but text, and I actually think she’s handling that better than most, although it did drag a lot and there were times when the Ron/Lavender farce got a bit too unfunny for me. Harry/Ginny was good, courtesy bitchy!strong!Ginny, although it was rather abruptly sketched out – did JKR not want to spend too much time on it, or did she just assume that no one really needed to have it built up?

I also liked Ginny because she was one of the few women in this book not sniffling, whining, or losing sleep over boyfriends. Well, there’s always Minerva McGonagall. If you want.

I also suppose it was tough for her to bring in new magics and theories, but I wanted more. The horcrux aspect was simplistic, but then what about HP’s magic isn’t? And it clicked, which was good. The Inferi – zombies, basically – didn’t matter much.

And, to state the obvious: Tolkien would totally kick JKR’s ass in a Dead-Marshes-writing-contest.

Back to the characters: what goes for Harry goes for Dumbledore too. After being the grim puppeteer of OotP, Albus reprises his role as superhero, Christ-figure and the guy with all the best lines. It’s not so much of a surprise, since the earlier books have put him in the super-mentor humourdaddy position before, and he has a history of power. This, then, is good!Albus raised to the power of ten; flawed but ultimately self-aware, and a hero every step of the way. His last scenes in the book may not be the best fantasy ever written, but if anyone has cared a whit for anything over the course of these books, they will care for the implications of what he does, what he means, in them.

As for Snape, what can I say? If everything else in this book has been about fulfilling expectations, then Snape has indeed been about JKR exceeding them. Always one of her best-written characters, Snape is now the one who has escaped the confines of good and evil as the books know them. I can’t read him as a traitor, but if he was – it really wouldn’t matter. His killing of Dumbledore and last fight with Harry prove that he has been doing all along is what is necessary, and the final outcome of his calculations will only decide whether it has been necessary for him alone, or for the side he’s on. And yet, there’s little coldness to him. He’s still the touchy, grumpy, jealous, nasty fuck he’s always been. The series has done some growing up in this book, but Snape has become its George Eliot: one of the few things that actually exists for grown-ups.

Voldemort. Ah, Voldie. I missed seeing him in this book. Oh, he was around constantly as Tom Riddle, which I confess was one of the things that I most anticipated about HBP, and we did get to find out more about his wizarding family, which I was very satisfied with, on the whole. I’d have hoped for him not to be such a maniac/sociopath as a child, but I’m not complaining; madman he is and will remain. The Hitler parallels grow that much more obvious, I think. I really enjoyed his presence in the book, even if he wasn’t quite the subtle tortured villain I was hoping for. Thumbs-up for gapfilling.

Draco, as for Draco. Well, his story arc went the way it was expected to go, in a ridiculously overdone “we love the sound of our own exposition before we kill each other” Draco-Dumbledore scene, and. Well. Thank heavens there was no miraculous redemption. I like my snivelling Draco, tall and pale and burdened though he may have grown. (Incidentally, so much about this book was fanfic. There was Sirius’ will, lots of Slytherin machination, and there was tall and pale Draco who cries secretly. I’m like, hahahahahaha.)

As a general first half of the stuff to come in book seven, I’m rather chuffed. I miss the spontaneity and structural tightness of the early books – and CoS, to which this is a parallel, has always been my favourite – but then, so does everyone. We cope.

She may still be laying on her ‘all you need is love’ moral a bit thickly, but the grey area between good and evil is coming out into the open, and that has made all the difference. That is what makes Book Seven worth waiting for, and wait I, at least, will.

-- Supriya.


SV said...

Initial thoughts?


Detached thoughts?

In a bit. :) Will not be thrown out for spamming, I hope.

Aishwarya said...

No, stay! The more thoughts the better! Though snapesnapesnapesnapesnape is about where I am at the moment too.

roswitha said...

Ha! Wenches. I passed that moment a long time back.

*sekritly goes snapesnapesnape too*

Amit said...

Excellent book! I started the HP series with the 4th book. read it in the order 4-2-3-1 :) and the series was great! and then 5 came out! :((

But then, 6 book and me's again snapesnapesnape...:D

seriously, a lot of the history has been fleshed out, and all the characters are now in place for the finale. nice!

btw, what do you guys think bout hogwarts? will it be there in hp7? or closed down? i'm pretty sure harry and possibly draco won't be there anyhow, but what bout the other it closing?

am on to its second reading! :)

roswitha said...

Hey Amit!

I've been wondering about Hogwarts too. I think it will be a big part of book Seven - even if Harry isn't going back there's no reason the school will be shut down (and personally I want to watch Minerva run it with grim determination, against all odds, and come out tops). In addition, it's clear that Hogwarts is extremely important to both Harry and Voldemort; the final battle is likely to be played out there (the other big possible location being Godric's Hollow).

Plus, I think the castle and its inhabitants will hold at least some clues as to the loation of the Horcruxes, if not the Objects themselves.

Melis said...


My husband and I got through HBP in a weekend. After MUCH anticipation and excitement as we get to the end of the series, HBP leaves me wondering.

Wondering what? Well, I'm a little afraid that JKR is starting to give in to fan wants instead of writing to her priginal plans. Although the Ron/Hermione romance has been (and continues) growing since book 1, the Harry/Ginny thing kinda came out of nowhere. Fans have been begging for it for a long time, but I feel like it wasn't in the original plan, and therefore felt a bit tacked on. I dunno. Maybe it's just me. That said, I do forsee them getting back together in the last book, unless Harry dies, which seems rather unlikely.

Snape. I love Snape. He had to "go bad" so he can be REALLY good in the last book. He killed DD because he had to, to remain on the inside and close to Volde. My prediction is that in book 7 he will be instrumental in helping Harry beat and survive the confrontation with Volde. Kinda predictable from a basic fiction-writing standpoint, but still good. I have to say JKR is very good at keeping the suspense and doubt at high levels.

As for Draco, I rather liked the snotty, confident lil' guy in the first book. I can see him struggling with a mission to kill someone at such a young age, but he's always been stronger than JKR let him be in HBP. Crying in the bathroom to Moaning Myrtle is NOT his style. I didn't buy it.

All of this said, I bawled like a little girl from the moment Tonks said she wanted to be with Lupin until the last page. I made it through the death scene without tears, but the unexpected romance for those 2 just knocked me on my butt.

I liked HBP, but book 3 remains my favorite.

Melis said...

One last thing...

The final battle almost HAS to happen in Godric's Hollow. More likely than not, in the very spot Harry's parents died. JKR likes to work in circles, so she would be remiss if she did not have *something* happen there.

I miss Sirius.

Aishwarya said...

Melis - I know someone who knows you. Coincidence?:)

As you could probably tell from the first few comments, we like Snape. Far more than we should.
I quite like seeing Draco vulnerable...he's as snotty as ever in public, at least, and he does have to face Voldemort regularly. Wouldn't have thought Moaning Myrtle was his type though.

Book 7 has to take us to Godric's Hollow...and I think there must be a link there to Godric Gryffindor. It's hardly a common name, is it? I'm not sure I see what you mean about JKR working in circles...examples please?

Not sure how I feel about Harry/Ginny. I disapprove of Lupin/Tonks - he's far too old for her.;)

Melis said...

I know someone who knows you. Coincidence?:)

Tee-hee. Busted! :)

I'm not sure I see what you mean about JKR working in circles...examples please?

I guess what I meant is that she rarely introduces something/someone without a reason. My husband pointed out when McClaggen mentions to Harry that he didn't try out because he had too many doxie eggs, in book 5, Fred and George had been collecting doxie eggs at Sirius' house. Maybe they gave them on to McClaggen so Ron had a chance to get on the team? Why mention them? She circled back and closed the reference that seemingly meant nothing in book 5, with another seemingly nothing mention in book 6. Does that make sense??

I hadn't caught the Godric connection. Now I'm hitting myself on the head. :)

I disapprove of Lupin/Tonks - he's far too old for her.;)

You made us both guffaw. :)

Aishwarya said...

Thanks, I aim to amuse. :)

I see what you mean about working in circles now...and I'm currently getting very excited over a passing reference to a gold locket no one could open in Grimmauld Place in OoTP. specially since most people are convinced that R.A.B is Regulus Black.

So how did you find this place?:)

Melis said...

I've been reading your LJ for a while now. Followed the pointer from there. :) What can I say... Jason and I were trying to check out Dave's interests. ;)

Is it wrong to use Snape as my inspirtation for the coming school year? How best can I emulate him for my 5th graders, not being magical and all? :)

Aditya Bidikar said...

A lot is said in this review, and I agree with most of the complaints. But I think that JKR's infodump is somewhat better than earlier, at least with respect to the backstory. And I liked the fact that there are people introduced who have no relation to the story.

The romance angle was okay, but I think that the Ron/Hermione angle was introduced too soon in the book and then resolved too late. At the very end, the romance gets a bit much, and it should've been spread out more. But I do like Tonks + Lupin.

Snape. Well, he's excellent.

I liked both the whiny Harry and this one. Development, see, which JKR is not usually famous for. It's crude, but it's nice.

My biggest complaint is that JKR never gives my favourite character - Lupin - the space he deserves.

For a hundreds-of-pages-long prequel, this is pretty good.

My fave is HP4, except for the dreary first chapter.

And I would love to see McGonagall run the school. She'll be so cool!

Aditya Bidikar said...

BTW, I've been thinking - what if JKR suddenly decides she's not gonna write Book 7? I've almost been losing sleep over that. WHAT'LL WE DO?

Aishwarya said...

Melis-You need to update your blog so I can spy on you too.;)
For Snape impersonation, greasy hair and loose black clothes should work. And a glare. And grey underwear.

Adi - Since the next book will mostly take place outside Hogwarts I think the members of the order (including Lupin) are likely to play a much more prominent role.:)

Melis said...

Hi again. :)

It's been a while for the blog. Haven't had much to say. Maybe that will change soon-ish. :)

I think I've got the glare down. The rest will take some work...