Friday, May 20, 2005

Incredibly spoilerful review of Star Wars Ep III

First of all - I didn't know we HAD that many fans in Delhi. They cheered and applauded at the opening credit thingy and the scrolling yellow wordy bit. They also, for some reason, cheered at Padme's pregnancy. Applauding her fertility, presumably.

So yes, I was surrounded by screaming fans, and most of the time that was a really good thing.

ROTS is far, far better than either of the prequels. The effects are stunning. The dialogue is slightly better than the last two (though Padme/anakin scenes are still rather cringeworthy). The acting is mostly better...Natalie Portman didn't impress me much, but Hayden got better. What really sets ROTS apart from TPM and AOTC is the fact that you actually care about the characters. Anakin's transition to the dark side was painful at times, as was Obi-wan's feeling of betrayal that Anakin had not carried out the prophecy. And some of the strongest scenes in the movie are done without the characters spewing 'dramatic' dialogue - Anakin and Padme sitting silently looking out of the window, Vader entering the Jedi temple with an army, the younglings scene, and the masking of Darth Vader. The betrayal of the Jedi, shown for each individual, is pretty heartbreaking. Padme gets the best line in the movie, as she watches Palpitane turn the republic into an empire.

Yes, the movie had its silly bits. General Grievous is just annoying, and walks like the smaller, brown dinosaur in Dinosaur Comics. Obi Wan on a giant lizard is really rather silly, but it doesn't jar. As usual, C3PO and R2D2 provide comic relief, R2 is especially brilliant (I'd never noticed before how much he sounds like a teletubby).

I think what I really appreciated about the film was that it wasn't all black and white. The original trilogy was, and that was good. But most of those who were children when they saw the originals are all grown up now, and presumably have learnt that it's not that simple. Some of the Jedi actions are dubious, and there is good in Vader. And the movie sets things up for his redemption brilliantly, I need to watch the original trilogy again. It'll have more depth now.

Best quote:
So, this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause..-Padme

Worst quote:
I'm weak! Don't kill me! - Palpitane/Darth Sidious.


Jabberwock said...

Uh, wouldn't worst quote be:

"You're so beautiful."

"That's because I'm in love."

"No, that's because I'm so in love with you."

Samanth said...

Anthony Lane certainly thought so:

Also contains the funniest description of Darth Vader EVER:

"Darth Vader, the hockey goalkeeper from hell."


Aishwarya said...

Samanth. I've read that article before, it's a work of art:)
J, I suppose it depends on whether by 'worst quote' you mean a quote that made you clutch your head and feel ashamed of every relationship you've ever been in (the Anakin/Padme one) or one that made you burst out laughing and annoy people around you (Palpitane)

Anonymous said...

Ok movie. Don't go for dialogues. Only the 2nd movie (empire strikes back)had decent dialogues because lucas wasn't directing. Nothing against the man but Movie 2 was the best in the entire series, prequels included.
The quote I liked best in the Revenge of the Sith was "Only a Sith deals in absolutes"
Also Palpatine had to be so wimpy whilst being badgered, people had to hate the Sith.
A lot more on the movie but not in comment box.

Venkat said...

I hated all three movies. They sucked - just look at the books in contrast, Luke Skywalker versus the Yuuzhan Vong, that he loses his wife to his nephew who becomes the next Vader, and it does seem the Star Wars system suffers by having Lucas keep trying to run the show. The man, seriously, is a good businessman, but sucks at direction, art direction, in fact anything to do with movies. He is no Spielberg or Zemeckis or even a Ridley Scott or James Cameron. What I am saying is bar some flickers of brilliance - eg the Darth Maul versus Jedi setpiece or the brawl between Obi Wan and Jango Fett...the entire movie in fact all three of the new ones..were annoying experiences in trying to make CGI compensate for good direction..